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The Bridal Thread

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About Us

Welcome! My name is Melanie and I’m a wedding makeup artist.

After working in the wedding industry for more than 14 years, I noticed a need for a better ‘getting ready’ bridal party outfit. I’ve seen it all... From hot sweat-inducing fabrics to bridesmaid robes riding up in the makeup chair. The worst part? Most of the garments are never worn again. 

I was recently married myself and wanted a better solution for my bridal party so my sister and I created our own linen cotton sets. They were PERFECT for my Bali wedding! Super breathable, amazing quality and they looked great in the photos.

After the wedding, we wore the pieces over and over again on our holiday. Either paired back with our favourite denim or as a matching set. 

The Bridal Thread was designed by a bridal party for bridal parties. Each piece is designed for the big day and worn for life.
Melanie & Kristy X