Pro Tips From A Wedding Planner

If you’ve ever seen a great wedding planner in action, it’s extraordinary. Megan Truskett is one of those rare finds. This real-life wonder woman is the phenomenal wedding planner based at The Ungasan in Bali. She juggles dozens of vendors, hundreds of guests and a million moving parts to create the perfect day for each couple.

Co-founder of The Bridal Thread Melanie was recently married at The Ungasan so our family was lucky enough to meet and work with Megan. And the glowing reviews are true – she’s exceptional!

We chatted with Megan and asked her pro tips for brides planning a wedding.

How long have you been a wedding planner?

I have been working as a wedding planner for approximately 5 years now. I absolutely love what I do and really feel like I have the best job in the world. 

Describe a typical day in your job…

No two days are ever the same! A typical day starts with many messages and emails from excited brides (and the odd groom) to be. My hours need to be really flexible as we are working with couples from all over the world and they often like to speak out of office hours. 

Depending on where each phase of the wedding’s planning is at really dictates what my days look like. It can be anything from locking in Bali's best vendors, site inspections, food tastings or submerging myself into the design phase. 

Wedding day is a whole different story again. We get onsite super early. We really pride ourselves on being on time and creating a stress free environment for our couples.

What’s your favourite part about being a wedding planner?

I absolutely love being so involved in such a special day in people's lives and literally creating their dream for them. I grow to love all of the couples I work with and seeing them together on their wedding day with all their friends and family is the absolute best!

Have you always been super organised…?

I have a sixth sense for finding order in the chaos and staying calm under pressure! It is really important that I stay on top of everything - I really think the older I get, the more organized I am.

What are the biggest mistakes you see brides make when planning a wedding?

The biggest mistakes I see is brides make is wanting to replicate other people’s weddings based off what they have seen on Pinterest and Instagram. Those platforms are wonderful for inspiration and have brought planning and styling to new levels however, as a soon-to-be bride, you want to create a day that is unique and special to you as a couple. Allow the creative process to evolve with a trusted planner/stylist. Maintain a big picture perspective!

What’s one thing brides shouldn’t skimp on?

Their wedding planner! Pay for someone that knows what they are doing. There is always someone that will tell you that they will be able to do something cheaper. Find someone that you trust from the first call. If the planner is cheap then chances are the materials used on the wedding will be too! A good planner is a wedding lifeline.

What’s one thing brides could survive without?

A hair and makeup retouch before the reception! If you get an amazing job done the first time then one application should carry you through to the evening!

Venue: @weddingsbytheungasan
Flowers: @bloomzflowersbali
Furniture: @balieventhire & @theislecobali
Photography: @cassandraladru 

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