Wedding Makeup Tips From An Experienced Artist

Melanie Jane Makeup Artist has worked at more than 1000 weddings. That’s A LOT of makeup applications on thousands of brides and bridesmaids so it’s safe to say, she knows her stuff. It’s at those weddings where her idea for The Bridal Thread was born. She’s heard countless brides complain about how hot they are in their satin/polyester ‘getting ready’ robes. The fabric traps heat and that’s the one morning where you don’t want to be sweating.

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We asked Melanie how brides can get glowing skin for their wedding, must-have makeup products in their clutch bag and makeup mistakes to avoid. 

How can brides best prepare their skin in the weeks before their wedding, and the night before?

Definitely don’t have a facial the week of your wedding, this is a mistake a lot of brides make. Having a facial actually makes you break out as the impurities are coming to the surface of the skin. I would recommend having a facial minimum 2-4 weeks out from the wedding. Your skin renews every 27 days. 

The night before, double cleanse off all your makeup including all traces of mascara. Apply your skincare - serum, moisturiser and an eye cream. Your makeup is going to look better if your skin is looked after. 

Number one makeup tip for brides?

Invest in good skincare, book in to see a beauty therapist and invest in skincare suited to your skin type. I highly recommend Medik8.

Moisturise before applying foundation - I hear too often that foundation is applied to the skin with nothing underneath. Hydrated skin is the secret to foundation looking flawless!

Biggest mistake most brides make with their makeup?  

Wanting to wear a bold lip when they have never worn one before - on your wedding day you want to look and feel like yourself. If you tend to stick to neutral colours day to day, I highly recommend you do this on your wedding day too. 

What should brides look for when choosing a makeup artist?

Experience in weddings. On the morning of the wedding, there is a strict timeline for hair and makeup. You can’t run late so look for a makeup artist who has experience with weddings and knows how the morning should run. I would also look for reviews from past brides. 

Book in a trial before the day. If you never wear makeup, you don’t want to see yourself with a full face of makeup for the first time on your wedding day. You want to feel your most confident self on your wedding day!

If brides are doing their own makeup, what are your top tips?

  • Make sure you are doing the makeup in natural light - sit near a window with a handheld mirror.
  • Prep the skin! Skincare is a must.
  • Foundation needs to be suited to your skin type. If you have dry and dehydrated skin, you wouldn’t use a matte foundation. Have a foundation colour matched to your skin tone/type by a professional before the day. I recommend you go to your local Mecca store as they have multiple options and brands in one location. 

What are the must-have products in their clutch bag for the night?

Lipstick, lip liner and a translucent powder! If you keep touching up with a powder with colour, it will oxidise in areas where you have oil on the skin and cause darker patches. Using a translucent powder won’t change the colour of your face, it will just get rid of shine! 

False eyelashes vs mascara?

Both! When I apply false lashes I always apply a mascara first. Lashes open up the eyes. 

Red lips vs nudey pink lips?

Nudey pink - less touch ups on the night! Especially when drinking.

Everyday foundation or heavier?

Everyday foundation - I love skin looking like skin.

SPF coverage or not?

SPF coverage day to day is a must but on your wedding day, make sure the SPF in your foundation is suited for photography - SPF can reflect light.

Melanie Jane:
Instagram: @melaniejanemua

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