Advice From A Seasoned Wedding Photographer

Weddings are incredibly special. Every one you love is in the same place, celebrating you. There are countless special moments, from the first look to walking down the aisle and the first dance. Kaitlin Maree has been capturing those fleeting moments for 7 years, ensuring couples can treasure each moment forever. Her photography style is soft and luminous while her calm personality enables couples to feel completely at ease. Kaitlin shared her top tips with us, from how to choose a photographer to the best backdrop locations.

What’s your favourite wedding moment to capture?

I absolutely love to capture the bride and groom on their location shoot after the ceremony - that is the first moment they get to spend alone after as a married couple and they are the images that will be the album covers, hung on their walls and as their phone backgrounds.

How should brides choose a wedding photographer?

Based on the style of photography she loves, the personality of the photographer and her budget. 

What's your number one tip for couples who feel awkward in front of the camera?

I encourage an engagement session with your photographer first to take the edge off and see that you have nothing to feel nervous about. Alternatively just meeting up with your photographer prior to your wedding will make you feel comfortable and ready for the experience. I tell my couples that they aren't required to know how to pose or stand during the photos, that's my job. I guide them through it and tell them how to 'pose' - which basically means lots of walking, hugs, kisses etc. I base my photos around movement so they are natural and candid.

What items do you recommend for wedding photos?

I recommend you have shoes, rings, flowers, veil, jewelry, perfume as well as your invitations and any other special details.

What's the best backdrop location?

For my style of photography, which is light and airy, I love open spaces, light backgrounds and late afternoons. The beach is always amazing or open fields. 

How many hours should a bride hire a photographer for?

This really depends on what is important to the bride, some opt for less coverage because they are having a smaller, more intimate wedding. While some prefer to have the photographer from the start to finish! I think this just depends on your budget and your wedding day.

Are ‘getting ready’ photos necessary?

This really depends, this might be a really special aspect of the day for you with your bridesmaids and mum and you really would love it captured because you plan on giving gifts etc. Or it might be not so important to you because you may not have bridesmaids or just not big on having these images in your wedding gallery. It's totally up to the bride. I really love when my brides do what is best for them and what suits them as a person and couple, not just do everything because they think they have to. 

Best piece of advice for brides?

Book quality and experienced vendors for your day. Also I highly recommend booking an on the day coordinator and planner! Worth the money! It simply means you do not have to worry about a thing on the day itself and during the lead up they help with all the finer details and know the best vendors to suit you! 

Check out Kaitlin’s work on her website, or scroll through her stunning account on Instagram at @kaitlinmareephotography

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