Talking Love With @chelseyrouen

At The Bridal Thread, we love talking about love. Big love, little love and those in between magic moments. We asked muse Chelsey Rouen about her loves, from most loved city to her can’t-go-without ritual. The former flight stewardess has travelled to more than 50 countries but now calls Sydney home. 

Chelsey wears our Billie Set in oatmeal stripe and Indiana in white

@chelseyrouen’s most loved:


To be honest I'm not a huge city person. I much prefer a small coastal village, so long as it has great food options. Lisbon, however, will always have a special place in my heart and would absolutely be my favourite city. 


My favourite food is Indian, followed closely by Japanese and Mexican. I eat a plant based diet and find that curry leaves you feeling amazing and full of goodness! 


Ritual would be my early mornings! I wake early before the sun to journal, stretch and meditate.


Skincare is simple, rosehip oil is my go to. 


Books, ah I have so many favourites. I'm loving Rachel Cusk as an author at the moment after finishing her Outline trilogy, she has such a smart, unique way of writing that really makes you think! 


Podcast is Reverberation Radio by Allah-Las!


What did you love about our Billie set in Oatmeal?

I love the colours of the Billie Set, they are the staples of my whole wardrobe!


What did you love about our Indiana set in white? 

The frills, of course! 

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