5 Brides Share Their Best Piece of Advice

This year hasn’t turned out as many of us expected and the wedding industry has taken a huge blow. Our hearts are aching for all of the small businesses, local vendors and creatives who are struggling through the pandemic. We’re feeling for the couples who have had to cancel or postpone their big day, it must be truly heartbreaking. But most of all, we're sending love to those whose health has been affected by coronavirus.

We’re thanking our lucky stars for our health and the health of our family. And we hope you’re safe and well too. This time in isolation gave us an opportunity to ask our married friends what their best piece of advice is.

Hopefully soon, couples can start planning their big day once more… with these tips in mind!

Stick to your normal morning routine.

“In the morning, do something that’s part of your usual routine to help you keep calm. I took my dog for a walk which gave me time to be alone, reflect and enjoy some quiet excitement.” ~ Britta

Step away with your partner to soak it all in.

“In the craziness of the day, make sure you step away from it all and have a moment alone with your partner to soak it all in.” ~ Melanie

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

“None of it actually matters once you’re walking down the aisle.” ~ Jennifer

Stay close by for photos.

“Try to stay on site or very close by for the photos. You don’t want to drive away and miss half of the afternoon.” ~ Melissa

Book a good photographer/videographer.

“Make sure you get a good photographer/videographer because they make the memories last forever. While they can be expensive, they’re worth every bit of it. Some people want to skip the video but I love rewatching every year, you forget little things and all the hard work you put into the day!” ~ Chelsea 

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