Creativity & Quarantine with @christinamacpherson

Creativity and quarantine. We never thought we’d write that sentence but it’s 2020 and suddenly, all rules are out the window! The ever-so-clever Christina Macpherson is many things: a traveller, writer, business woman and mega creative. During lock down, she shared her creative morning routine with her 146,000 Instagram followers. And was blown away by the response...

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play for hours? You didn’t pass the time by scrolling on your phone, instead,  you were outside scraping your knees, drawing with chalk or jumping on the trampoline for hours. As adults, we let go of that. We swap play for errands and trade our precious spare time for an online dopamine hit. Enter: The Cultivating Creative. It’s Christina’s new online course that’s designed to bring out your inner child and reawaken your creative spirit. From daily writing exercises to weekly tasks and even podcast & book recommendations - it’s like boot camp for your brain.

Chrissy showcased our Rosewater linen set while we quizzed her creative brain. 

What inspired you to create this course?

For the last few years, I have implemented creative writing exercises into my morning routine. These take about 15-20 minutes and really kickstart my mind and creativity. When forced-lockdown began and more of us were inside with more time up our sleeves, I decided to share this routine online everyday. I was overwhelmed at the response and so touched by how many people of all walks of life (parents, kids, creatives, musicians, novelists etc) not only participated but felt they'd really tapped into something they thought they'd lost (or had never found!). From there, I decided making something a little more professional was needed, and from that The Cultivating Creative was born!

What’s your favourite creative exercise in it?

I think the perspective exercises are my favourite. I love writing from other points of view - whether it's an object or a person. I love pretending to be another character. I also love looking at an art work and creating a story from it. Art is so subjective, and what we each see and take is so different. And I love that, that we can be looking at the exact same thing, and yet be seeing something completely contrasting.

In positive psychology, there is a big focus on the importance of play. Why do you think we let go of that as adults?

I think we are taught to lose it. We grow up in a system that's designed to make us think of success in terms of status, money, jobs, etc. The act of play is an afterthought for so many and yet it's so important. I'm lucky in that I had parents who are both intelligent and silly. They  raised me with their own child-like wonder, and I've always held onto that.


Does it have to be completed all at once or can you pick & choose exercises?

You can do the course however you'd like - for what best fits you and your lifestyle. If that means doing the exercises 2 or 3 times a week instead of 5, so be it. To be honest though, I would recommend doing the exercises daily, and if that's not possible, at least consistently on your chosen day/s. The Cultivating Creative is meant to create a routine in your life that you'll keep. It's such a good tool for creativity, but also for mindfulness and release. 

Anything surprising you’ve realised during quarantine?

What's been most surprising to me is just how we (as humans) can normalise anything so quickly. We adapt and can get used to anything, and that's pretty amazing to me.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you leave quarantine?

Run on the beach and jump in that water!

What’s one thing you want to take out of isolation and keep when life returns to normal?

I think rest. Rest and moments to reflect is important. We make ourselves so busy, and there's no need. 

How would you style our new rosewater linen set?

As well as PJ's, I think they are worn really well as an outfit! With the shirt tucked in and the shorts tied, the set looks like a jumpsuit. I'd also wear the shirt tucked into high-waisted jeans, it's a perfect cut!

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