Spotlight On: The Bower Estate

When you step onto The Bower Estate, you’re blown away by the natural landscape. It’s nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, surrounded by picture perfect pines, lush rainforests and breathtaking national parks. By night, it transforms into an enchanting party with hanging festoon lights and a magical marquee under the stars.

Amanda from The Bower Estate helps couples fall in love with the venue by offering guided tours of the property. We were lucky enough to chat with her about wedding planning: from when you should start looking for a venue to money saving tips.

How early should couples start looking for a wedding venue?

While you can still plan a wedding including securing a venue in under six months, if you want a particular date with first choice of venue, then we recommend 12-18 months in advance.

What’s the best month to get married on the Gold Coast?

Debatable! If we were to give our opinion on best month to get married in the hinterland, it would have to be April, but it's a close race. The Bower Estate is breathtaking!

What aspect are the guests most blown away by?

As The Bower Estate is situated in a valley, between two beautiful national parks; Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park, the mountain views are truly spectacular. Guests are taken with the natural beauty of the grounds amongst the park setting, and also the ridge where the reception is held - our lighting display is magic at night!

Does The Bower Estate do other events or engagement shoots on location?

Yes, The Bower Estate offers engagement shoot packages, special events like baby showers, birthday parties and wellness retreats.

For the budget conscious brides, do you have any money saving tips?

Find a venue the includes the fundamentals, such as tableware, seating etc. Hiring all additional items can really add up, not to mention the time it takes to organise these things.

What’s the secret to getting the dance floor kicked off early?

Have a very well thought out itinerary, and stick to it! Make sure your coordinator is proactive here. Save the best speech for last, to really get the crowd in the mood. Also, a big part of a ready crowd for the dance floor is excellent food and drink service.

How can couples tell if it’s ‘The One’?

When you arrive at a venue, you should immediately get a sense of connection with the place. By the end of the tour, you should feel that there are no gaps, and you can already imagine yourself getting married on the spot!

The Bower Estate is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the border between Queensland and New South Wales in Natural Bridge. 

Check out The Bower Estate here.

Images featured: Possum Creek Studios & Adore You Photography.

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